ABSN Curriculum

The University of St. Thomas ABSN is designed to set you up for success as a practice-ready nurse on an accelerated timeline.

You will complete 58 credit hours spread over three full-time semesters during our 12-month ABSN program. As the program encompasses everything that a traditional on-campus program would incorporate in less time, in order to be successful you will need to be dedicated and determined as you complete our rigorous coursework

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The ABSN curriculum is designed to give students a solid nursing education that will ready them to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN®), which all prospective nurses must pass in order to be licensed in their state

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Semester I

NURS 3370Pharmacology I [Type: D]3
NURS 3372Pathophysiology [Type: D]3
NURS 2372Health Assessment [Type: D/L]3
NURS 3270Clinical Inquiry/EBP [Type: D]2
NURS 4670Foundations of Holistic Nursing Practice [Type: D/L/C]6
NURS 3371The Art and Science of Holistic Nursing [Type: D]3
Total 20

Semester II

NURS 3672Holistic Nursing: Care of Adults/Older Adults [Type: D/L/C]3/1.5/1.5
NURS 3573Holistic Nursing: Care of the Childbearing Family (Obstetrics) [Type: D/L/C]3/0.5./1.5
NURS 3574Holistic Nursing: Care of Children and Families (Pediatrics) [Type: D/L/C]3/1/1
NURS 4371Holistic Nursing: Foundation for Clinical Leadership [Type: D]3
Total 19

Semester III

NURS 4572Holistic Nursing: Behavioral Health [Type: D/L/C]2.5/0.5/2
NURS 4673Holistic Nursing: Care of the Critically Ill [Type: D/L/C]3/0.5/2.5
NURS 3375Holistic Nursing: Caring for the Community [Type: D/C]2/1
NURS 4574Transition to Holistic Nursing Practice [Type: D/L/C]3.5/1.5
Total 19

D = Didactic (online)

L = Lab

C = Clinical

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Before you can start the ABSN curriculum, learn more about the prerequisite courses needed before starting your application.