Why Become A Nurse In Houston?

The list of reasons for becoming a nurse is long. When you choose nursing as a career path, you’re choosing to enter an in-demand, trusted profession that encompasses a wide range of positions and promises high personal satisfaction and scheduling flexibility.

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Why Nursing Is A Great Career Move

In the modern age, society is separated by our fast-paced lives and rapidly advancing technology. Healthcare is one industry where you can directly touch the lives of the people you treat with your actual hands. No matter where you choose to work, every day you can connect with more people and improve their lives tangibly.

Nursing also offers great career benefits beyond fulfillment and purpose.


Due to an aging population, changes to health insurance policy and the increasing pace of medical innovation, today’s healthcare landscape continues to evolve and grow. That means the need for nurses will likely rise now and in the future, too. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the employment of registered nurses to grow by 6 percent between 2022 and 2032, much faster than the average for all other occupations.


Not many other career paths provide you with the opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of others. No matter what nursing specialty you choose to pursue, caring for the injured, sick and dying is part of your job description. Any given shift you work as a nurse could see you improving—or potentially saving—the lives of your patients.


As a nurse, you’ll serve many important roles in the healthcare field, but perhaps none is more vital than that of patient advocate. Nurses work to deliver hour-to-hour care, often acting as an empath for patients and their families, making it no wonder why professionals in this field have topped the annual Gallup poll of most trusted professions for the better part of two decades.


Nursing is far from a one-schedule-fits-all profession. Because most healthcare employers need nurses working at all times of the day and night, you’ll likely have plenty of latitude to find a position that fits your lifestyle. If you want to work 12-hour shifts four days a week, it’s often possible; if you prefer to work nights and weekends, there’s likely an employer that offers that as an option, too.

Why Become A Nurse In Houston?

Houston is a healthcare metropolis with the sprawling Texas Medical Center (TMC) centered in the city's heart. With a 1,345-acre campus, experts flock to the facilities to contribute to this concentration of medical care, research, technology, and advancement.

This healthcare boom will only grow since, as of 2021, the Greater Houston Partnership estimated that over 376,000 people worked in the city’s healthcare sector. Beyond TMC, Houston is home to other renowned health systems, including Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann, and UTMB.

After graduation, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities and connections in Houston’s urban center.

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