Online Accelerated BSN Coursework

The University of St. Thomas Houston Second Degree Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program adopts a hybrid approach to delivering students a quality nursing education, starting with the coursework that students complete online and continuing with hands-on labs and clinical rotations in the Houston metropolitan area.

The key advantage of online accelerated BSN coursework is that it gives students a degree of freedom in choosing where and when they learn key nursing theory concepts. With this approach, students can “attend class” when it works best for them.

While this does offer a certain level of convenience and flexibility, it’s important to understand that you’ll be completing coursework in real time with other students in your cohort and will be held accountable for meeting instructors’ deadlines and sitting for in-person proctored exams at our ABSN program site in Houston.

It’s also important to understand that just because part of our accelerated BSN program is online, this doesn’t make it any less rigorous than what you’d experience in an on-campus program. Indeed, you can expect to graduate from our program in 12 months just as ready to enter the profession as you would be had you enrolled in a traditional ground program.

Online Learning

You’ll complete most of your online accelerated BSN coursework through an interactive, collaborative e-Learning platform. Featuring user-friendly course design, it allows students to:

  • Read, listen to and watch nursing coursework material.
  • Interact with instructors and classmates via discussion forums.
  • Participate in simulated case studies utilizing interactive learning objects.
  • Take self-assessments to gauge your understanding of the material.
  • Complete and upload course assignments.

Benefits of Online Coursework

The online portion of ABSN@UST takes into account the fact that everyone absorbs information differently, making it ideal for all types of learners. We’re confident you’ll find a method of studying that works best for you on our online platform because it features:

  • Videos and PowerPoints to cater to visual learners.
  • Pre-recorded lectures to help aural learners.
  • Discussion boards and video conferences for verbal learners.
  • Interactive simulation and case studies for those who learn best by doing.
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While you complete nursing theory courses online, you’ll be far from alone in your studies. You’ll still have plenty of access to instructors if you need help understanding concepts and you can contact online learning specialists to help you troubleshoot the e-learning platform.


What Is Blended Learning?

Online-based accelerated BSN programs, like ABSN@UST, combine online nursing theory coursework, hands-on skills, simulation labs and proctored exams at our ABSN program site as well as clinical experiences at top healthcare facilities in the Houston metro area.

Can I Complete the ABSN Program From Anywhere?

No. You can only complete nursing theory courses online. ABSN@UST requires skills and simulation labs at our program site and clinical rotations at top healthcare facilities in the Houston metro area a few days each week, which means you must be physically present for some aspects of our program.

Contact us to learn more about the online portion of our hybrid approach to accelerated nursing education.

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