Alternative Nursing Careers Outside The Hospital

By obtaining a BSN, you’re setting yourself up for myriad nursing career options both inside and outside the hospital.

Student enrolled in ABSN@UST, you’ll experience clinical rotations in a variety of specialized areas typically found in hospital settings, including:

  • Critical care/ICU
  • Medical-surgical
  • Labor and delivery

Beyond hospital walls, your career options are even more varied. With a BSN, you’ll be well equipped and qualified for such alternative nursing careers as:

Travel Nurse

The current nationwide nursing shortage means there’s a demand for nurses just about everywhere, so if you’ve ever thought about trying out a new locale while you’re establishing your nursing career, travel nursing may be the perfect fit for you. While you may need a couple years’ experience to begin landing contracts through a travel nurse staffing agency, this career path offers the opportunity for you to experience new areas you may never have been able to otherwise.

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Home Health Nurse

As the title implies, nurses in this particular role care for patients in their own homes when they’re unable to care for themselves. This can include a wide patient population, ranging from the elderly to those recovering from surgery. As a home health nurse, you’d also be responsible for educating patients and their families on their condition as well as keeping their medical records up to date and sharing them with their employer.

Informatics Nurse

Do you have as much interest in technology as you do in a career caring for others? Well, a career as an informatics nurse allows you to combine the two. Nurses in this role create systems to improve patient care, gauge the effectiveness of medical devices and train clinical staff in how to use them. It’s also a role in great demand according to the Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses: as many as 70,000 nursing informatics specialists/analysts may be needed in the next five years.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Often working for law firms, insurance companies or government agencies, legal nurse consultants help bridge the knowledge gap between the medical and legal fields. Those in this role do anything from gathering and studying evidence to serving as expert witnesses, according to the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.

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